3 Things About Leaf Blowers You Should Know

Whether professionals or amateurs, today’s gardener and gardener needs leaf blowers to keep the landscape and plant beds beautiful. They are available in two types, electric blower or gas blower. Electric blowers are more convenient and physically easier to use and handle. Gas blowers have more power for large-scale operations, but are heavier and require users to have more power.

1. Weight

When you pick up a garden tool and hold it in your hand, the first thing you will notice is the weight. This is something to consider before buying a fan. Different models will be heavier than others. Electric blowers range from just over 6 pounds for the small Weeder model to just over 15 pounds for the larger Black and Decker models. The latter can be converted into a leaf vacuum for cleaning leaves and other debris.

2. Power

Airspeed and CFM rating are also factors to consider. Air speeds range from 160 mph from the smaller Weedeater blower to 240 mph from 385 cfm from the more powerful Black and Decker electric blower. The greater the cfm, the faster the wind speed and the greater the blower’s power. Higher airspeed and higher cfm also make them harder to use. All of these airspeeds push you, making them harder to grab and harder to press on your wrists and shoulders.

3. Ease of Use

The electric blower is easy to use, no need to pull a rope, no need to worry about the gas and oil mixture, and there is no loud engine exhaust noise, and the noise is lower. However, they are limited to the length of a 30-foot extension cord from your home or the nearest 120-volt outlet.

Gas blowers are more powerful than electric blowers. More environmentally friendly (by CARB standards) OHV 4-stroke gas engine provides power for some models. These small engines are quieter than their two-strokes and don’t need to mix two-stroke oil with gas. Make them easier to maintain and save up to 50% on fuel costs, and you don’t have to drag extension cords around.

The gas backpack blower makes the extra power and weight of the gas powered engine easier to control. Installing the gas engine on the backpack frame and adding large padded shoulder straps makes the weight easy to carry. By adding a large flexible tube between the motor and the control handle, numb hand vibrations and arm fatigue are reduced.

There are two power options for the leaf blower, electric or gas. Electric blowers are available in lightweight models that are easy to operate, models that easily convert to vacuum, and even cordless electric models can reduce the run time of small cleaning tasks. The gas model is the more powerful of the two options. They range in size from portable models weighing as little as 10 pounds to heavy backpackers weighing around 29 pounds.

With all these blazer styles to choose from, everyone can find the perfect blazer for their spring cleaning project. If you have the right blower to suit your needs, the weekly summer lawn and patio cleaning project is very simple. Vacuuming them and turning them into mulch at the same time makes cleanup in the fall a cinch. I have an old Stihl handheld gas blower that has served me flawlessly for over 15 years. I even occasionally use it to blow snow off sidewalks and driveways.

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