4 Cycle Gas Leaf Blower – You Want a Reliable Leaf Blower

By | June 4, 2021

Your current gas-powered leaf blower is nearly dead. So which leaf blower do you choose?

Based on personal experience, I can tell you that the Makita 4 Circulating Leaf Blower picks up the phone every time.

Do you know a four-stroke engine? These things are great! Especially when compared to the “other” option.

With 4-stroke technology, you forget about mixing natural gas and oil. Instead, you help “save the earth” because there are no more toxic fumes—less noise pollution. Most importantly, you can get high-quality performance.

The most obvious reason to use a gas blower is so apparent that it’s never even thought about before starting your engine (for those not from the south).

When the writer moved into our existing home, I was given a leaf blower that I thought I would use when I went to the grave. It is highly regarded and the choice of many professional landscape contractors. While not a backpack model, it would be “fine.”

I’ve never been impressed with the performance of what I call “top” cleaning tools. However, after experiencing many problems starting the engine, I adjusted it. Please take it to a highly recommended repair shop.

When I took my tuned leaf blower home, the engine didn’t even hiss. So I put it back in the car and took it back to the small engine repair shop. You don’t know, and he came right back to life. Then again, when I finally slipped home with my tail between my legs, that stupid thing would never happen—not even a whisper. So over the next one or two months, my broomstick got some serious practice, and so did I.

It was apparent then that a tool that didn’t work was almost worthless.

The strange thing is, if I didn’t sign up, I would never search for gas leaf blowers on Google.

My search soon turned to the 4-stroke leaf blower, where I found all the excellent user reviews. However, I’m also very interested in “green living,” so the oil and gas mixing that must be done in all two-stroke engines is not my first choice.

Thanks to good user feedback, I finally have the Makita 4 Circulating Leaf Blower. This comment had an extraordinary impact on my decision: “My new engine started on the second pull, and I have never used pulls twice since…”

During the time I own this recruiting tool, my work experience is comparable. Well, except for that time, I don’t remember when I oiled the carb – I jerked three times and realized my mistake, then it just pulled. My friends, this is a great gas leaf blower.

In my experience with my new Makita 4 circulating leaf blower, two minor issues can be mentioned to be completely honest and fair.

The first problem is the instructions that came with the device. They are written by someone who does not speak English. Although Makita is based in the United States, the way the guide is registered is not easy to use. Therefore, a meticulous study is necessary because I want to make sure that I use the correct method the first time.

The second is the main pump – the little rubber ball to get the gas into the carburetor. Due to the location, this is a bit challenging if your fingers are thicker. However, as mentioned before, this does not hinder the performance of the blower, but since the pump is “hidden,” you should look for it.

The last sentence here is that I have no reason to search the internet for gas leaf blowers because I now have an excellent leaf blower. I am a delighted owner of the Makita 4-stroke leaf blower.

A gas blower isn’t one of those things you put on your Christmas list, but if you need one, you need one.

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