Before you buy a leaf blower

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Before you buy leaf blowers, check that they are not banned in your community and see any community regulations for the disposal of leaf blowers.

If your house is small, you don’t need a very powerful sound blower, and it will annoy your neighbors. Instead, experts recommend using light and portable small outdoor activities, but if you own larger properties and woods, you may need a backpack-style gas blower.

If you decide to use gas-powered leaf blowers, remember that they pollute the atmosphere and cannot be called “green.” However, they work very well, but they are very noisy, and when you use them, you may need to wear earmuffs. The decibel level on the manufacturer’s packaging is measured 15 feet from the blower, but holding it on your hand or back means you will receive a higher decibel level.

Experts suggest that when considering buying a leaf blower, you should compare the wind speed (in miles per hour (mph)) and air volume in cubic feet per minute (cu.ft.) of different makes and models.
The weight of a small hand-held blower can be as little as 4 pounds, making it ideal for use in confined spaces, patios, and small gardens. However, if you want to protect plants and mulch using leaf blowers, you may need to buy leaf blowers with different speeds.

Most leaf blowers have a standard vacuum function that can compress and cover the leaves in the bag. However, experts said they had received many reports that blowers with vacuum capabilities cannot compress the leaves as the manufacturer claims. If you buy a leaf blower with a shredder or suction function, choose a metal one because the plastic parts fall off easily and wear out quickly.

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