Homeowners Are Blown Away by the 4 Cycle Makita Leaf Blower

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Personally, my previous tool happened to be a 2-cycle Echo, which is said to be one of the best brands of lawn products. It works fine, but under no circumstances will it start on the first or second jerk. Often, when it finally started, I was out of breath.

So I took it to the little motorbike man nearby, where the tool man “tweaked” it. After that it rarely worked. When I start, pulling out all the stops is not a substitute. Of course I took it back, but it never worked.

When I ran out of old push brooms, I ordered a new gas blower online… but it was a two-stroke model again. However, just after placing the order, I read about the advantages of the 4-stroke engine, and decided to cancel my order (delivery was delayed anyway) and buy a Makita leaf blower with a 4-stroke engine. What an amazing experience since that beautiful blue beauty came on my porch! I am now a believer.

The Makita leaf blower is lighter, easier to start, quieter and does not give off toxic fumes from a 2-stroke engine. As your next landscaping power tool purchase, it is well worth your consideration.

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