Is This The Best Leaf Blower? – 3 Reasons Why It Could Be

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With this leaf blower/vacuum cleaner it will grind up the leaves so I have to shrink it to empty it. Many leaf vacuums have plastic blades, but I use metal blades instead of plastic ones. Not only does it grind the leaves, but sometimes I put a thin stick in it, and it will take care of it. I can’t do this with a vacuum cleaner with a plastic blade. The addition of metal blades makes the blower last longer. I can also put more stuff in a bag so I can empty it less and use fewer bags instead of just raking and filling. Talk about win-win!

I have been using this leaf blower for three years and I can tell you that it is as good as the day I first bought it. Is it perfect? Since it is electric, you have to deal with the mobile power cord and the power cord always seems to be able to find something to grab, but the cost is low and compared to the gas blower, it is light in weight, I believe it is a weekend rake The best leaf blower.


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