Save Time With a Handheld Leaf Blower

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If you don’t like being tied to outlets and power cords, a gas blower is for you. In many applications it is not feasible to use a wired blower with distance as the deciding factor. There may be no outlets nearby or 100 feet away as it takes too many power cords to work, which is impractical.

Gas blowers are more powerful than electric blowers and require more maintenance, but if they are properly maintained, they usually last longer. Today, most are equipped with two-stroke overhead valve (OHV) engines, which have better fuel economy, longer life, and more power. These modern engines are of very good quality and if they meet the minimum maintenance standards, they will last for years.

The choice of leaf blower type depends on personal circumstances and preferences. For any homeowner’s maintenance warehouse, these two leaf blowers can be very valuable tools as they can indeed make any yard look neat and clean easier and faster than before.


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