Take the Strain Out of Autumn Gardening With a Ryobi Leaf Blower

By | June 4, 2021

Maintaining a quality lawn requires a lot of work and the leaf blower is an excellent choice to save time and get the neat lawn you want without interrupting physical labor. While there are many leaf blowers on the market, Ryobi leaf blowers are top products and offer versatility that other brands do not have. Ryobi blowers have industrial strength and are well suited for gardeners or small professional garden or lawn care businesses. Although they are more commonly used as a replacement for leaf scraping, consumers purchasing leaf blowers will find that Ryobi leaf blowers are ideal for all types of outdoor work, such as sweeping driveways, beautifying the environment and removing snow. When purchasing the Ryobi brand, homeowners have several options to consider.

Electricity or gas flow

The most important decision to purchase a Ryobi leaf blower is the choice between gas and electric leaf blowers. Electric leaf blowers are lighter and also great for people who are close neighbors and are concerned about noise complaints. The advantage of electric blowers over gas models is that they do not emit smoke. Those on a modest budget will find that Ryobi electric leaf blowers are cheaper and require little maintenance. The function of the electronic leaf blower is also a better choice for small and medium-sized gardens with low power consumption; the Ryobi electronic leaf blower is best suited for blowing leaves on the driveway or sidewalk.

The blower allows you to handle heavier equipment, but for the larger ones, it eliminates the inconvenience of handling wires, which can trip or have to be extended to complete your yard work. It is also more suitable for people with many trees and other obstacles in the garden, which makes the wired electric leaf blower inconvenient. With a gas powered Ryobi blower you may make more noise during use and the blower is more expensive because you have to buy gas to supply the blower. Since the Ryobi pneumatic leaf blower requires a mixture of gas and oil, some users may prefer a more environmentally friendly electric leaf blower.

Other factors to consider:

The Ryobi manual leaf blower is the lightest option, weighing in at just 10 pounds. To make the gas blower easier to start, look for a blower with a zipper starter motor. This type of blower usually only needs to be pulled 1 or 2 times to start. Variable speed control allows you to use only the power you need to get the job done. With the push of a button, many Ryobi leaf blowers can be converted from leaf blower to vacuum cleaner. The backpack leaf blower can vacuum messy things, and can also pick up wet leaves that other brands of leaf blowers have a hard time dealing with. They are also more powerful than hand-held blowers and can move even small branches.

When considering using a Ryobi leaf blower to remove leaves, pay attention to the coverage, the higher the better. For example, a ratio of 12:1 means the blower can chop and compress 12 bushels of leaves into 1 bushel. CFM and MPH are also important factors to consider. CFM refers to airflow and MPH refers to speed. The higher these two numbers, the easier the work in the garden.

Fall gardening means dealing with fallen leaves, branches and yard waste. By relying on the Ryobi leaf blower, you can keep the yard clean all year round and save time in the yard.

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