Is This The Best Leaf Blower? – 3 Reasons Why It Could Be

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Looking for the best leaf blower so you don’t have to rake leaves all weekend? This is perhaps the most boring and boring job in the garden.

One thing I hate about fall is that I raked and bagged leaves. There are 3 oak trees on one side of my yard, and they seem to be committed to making my life miserable.

If you still use the old-fashioned rake, I can choose to make your life easier. I think this is the best leaf blower for three reasons:

The leaf blower I use has a very powerful motor that allows me to “stack” leaves easily and quickly. Plus, it will collect more leaves, so I won’t spend time trying to rake away the few leaves that refuse to move (you know what I’m talking about). Therefore, instead of raking the ground all day, I can pile the leaves in a pile to collect them. Some other blowers have weak motors, so if your leaves are pressed by moisture, the less powerful motors won’t be able to move them. This blower picks them up and moves them to the desired position.

The leaf blower I use has a vacuum, so once I’ve collected them in a pile, I can use the vacuum to suck the leaves into the bag and then easily pour them into the bag to collect them. Many leaf blowers have limited suction (mainly because it is a leaf blower, so you have to pick up the leaves by hand later). So after you collect the leaves, you can blow them into the bag with a vacuum cleaner so you don’t often bend over to pick the leaves.

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