Leaf Blowers For Faster Fall Yard Maintenance

Autumn is coming and with it the change and fall of a myriad of brightly colored leaves. In many parts of the country, autumn is a beautiful season of the year, and the colorful leaves are a wonderful attraction. The only drawback is that these leaves will not disappear. Do not! They will most likely cover your yard and driveway.

Returning to “the past”, when autumn brought leaves, we picked up the rakes and got to work. This ceremony will be held every weekend for several months, and then all the falling debris will be collected. Everyone helped, mom, dad, siblings, but we got the job done. Of course, leaves that are heavy and often wet can make a person very tired. It may not be possible for the elderly or those with health problems to rake leaves.

Today we have a variety of modern solutions to deal with the bounty of Fall. There are ride-on mowers with leaf suction attachments, or you can choose from a range of handheld leaf blowers that can blow away leaves with hurricane winds. There are even leaf blowers with mulch attachments that can chop the leaves into reusable mulch for use in your flower beds and gardens.

In general, there are two types of leaf blowers: one runs on gas and the other runs on electricity. If you have a small yard that you can reach with an extension cord, an electric blower is a good choice. Today’s electric blowers are lightweight and environmentally friendly. They don’t lack strength. Modern electric leaf blowers can explode at speeds over 200 MPH.

For those with long driveways or large yards, the extension cord chain won’t cut it. Then the pneumatic leaf blower is the ideal choice. New blazers are generally quieter than older models, but wearing earmuffs can be a good idea for widespread use. Like an electric leaf blower, a pneumatic leaf blower can remove leaves with a huge wind force of 200+ MPH.

Whichever leaf blower you choose, these modern wonders can save you a lot of sweat, energy and frustration. Most importantly, using a leaf blower to clean the leaves is faster than raking the grass. While it’s fun to rake the leaves into a pile and jump in for a while, your back will thank you for this fall housework with ease.


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