Leaf Blowers Save Time and Effort

Leaf blowers have become a staple tool for fall landscaping experts. They allow gardeners to remove large amounts of leaves without disturbing the flowers, the garden or the lawn below. The working principle of the leaf blower is to spray a powerful air under the leaves to push them in a certain direction. It’s almost like holding a gust of wind in your hand, and the herd takes off in a certain direction instead of scattering them on the lawn. If one uses the blower very skillfully, they can make a big pile in a fraction of the time it takes to use a traditional rake.

Fun to use

The leaf blower is very practical, but also fun to use. The toil and blisters associated with the traditional rake are replaced by the powerful air jet force that can direct the blower in any direction. Most blowers have a shoulder strap that can be worn like a backpack, making the blower feel like an extension of the operator’s arm or shoulder. The quick function of blowing leaves into a pile provides users with instant gratification, which is different from the slow and steady process normally experienced when using a normal rake to attack a pile of leaves. They can also be used for large newspaper balls for sheet hockey, or in games where the path is cleared as quickly as possible after mowing the lawn and getting dirty on the sidewalk or front entrance.

Gas or electricity

There are two types of blazers to choose from. The most popular uses gasoline and has a larger engine. The gas blower gives complete freedom of movement, so that the operator is not tied to the building or generator with long wires. However, gasoline engines are not as environmentally friendly as electric engines, and gasoline engines tend to be more expensive than electric engines. Electric blowers are often not as powerful as gas blowers, meaning the gas option is usually preferred.

Leaf blower etiquette

There are a few things to keep in mind when using leaf blowers in residential areas. Most importantly, once the leaves are in a pile, they should be collected in a bag or compost bin unless there is a designated trench for collection. Never blow leaves on the street or driveway. The scattered leaves blown into other people’s yards can cause serious hostility from neighbors. Leaves that are not packed can easily fly back to the cleaned yard. Take the time to dispose of all the leaves properly to keep the garden neat and orderly. It is also good to wait until the morning or late afternoon to use the leaf blower, as the motor can disturb those who are sleeping, just like a lawnmower.


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