Poulan Leaf Blowers, A Good Brand Among Many

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Since the market is flooded with leaf blowers of different makes and models, it isn’t easy to choose the brand and model that stands out from the pack. By different standards, Poulan is a brand that has always been superior to other brands. In addition, the Poulan blower is equipped with some special features, some of which have solved the problems consumers continue to raise in the blower focus group. These issues typically include equipment weight, product life cycle, overall functionality and ease of use, equipment price, the noise level during operation, and power/consumption.

When you consider that many common gas-powered leaf blower models weigh up to 12.38 pounds, you can imagine why it’s important to have the lightest gear possible. Some of the larger commercial models on the market are much heavier than this. Poulan blowers (depending on model selection) average just 10 pounds. While this difference is relatively small, it becomes significant over the day when undertaking lengthy lawn care projects. However, when you consider that these models are shaped for ergonomic comfort, in addition to significant weight savings, Poulan blazers become more attractive. Many first-time test users of these particular leaf blowers were surprised to find that these leaf blowers weighed over 7 pounds. When it comes to weight-bearing, balance and distribution are key components, and Poulan has figured out how these principles can serve the interests of consumers.

Every product has a life cycle, and the Puran blower is no exception. Many consumers claim that all handheld blowers have a short life because they are often subject to wear and tear. However, this has become another area where Baolan stands out from the competition. Some craftsmen of outdoor craft tools claim that the average life of outdoor craft tools is only 50 hours! This also includes leaf blowers. However, other consumers have publicly claimed that the Poulan leaf blower will not lose engine compression for two full years. This benefit is especially useful when combined with some of the other categories of benefits listed below.

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