The Convenience of Using a Leaf Blower

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The leaf blower is a great tool in your garage and garden. These tools are no longer just promotional leaf blowers. Manufacturers now advertise these blowers as brooms or sweepers. Not only can you blow leaves into corners or piles, you can also use these outdoor tools to clear debris, rocks, and dirt.

Leaf blowers have actually been developed over time and the latest generation of leaf blowers has an ergonomic design that takes your health into account. Their noise is lower than before and their weight is significantly reduced. I think too many people complain about the weight of the leaf blower. If you look around, you can now find many leaf blowers weighing around 5-6 pounds. This makes these tools easier to use.

With better battery technology, the market share of cordless leaf blowers has gradually increased. Gone are the days when a battery charge lasted 5 to 10 minutes. Some cordless brooms can run for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. The manufacturer also reuses the same battery in other cordless tools, so that the batteries can be interchanged between cordless tools. As long as you insist on using the same brand and line of tools, you should have rechargeable batteries that can be used in many different garden tools. How cool is it? !

One issue that still worries me is the noise level of the leaf blower. Although the noise level has been reduced, the impact on your hearing is still very significant. You should limit the time you use any of these tools to 15 minutes or less. Or better yet, use hearing protection to protect your ears from noise. If we do it, we have to wear goggles. These blowers can generate wind speeds of nearly 200 mph. At this speed you don’t want to get dust or stones in your eyes. When using outdoor tools, you should keep safety in mind. We all have only one hearing and one pair of eyes, so it is very important to act upon it.

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